The Meaning Behind the Name

How the heck did I choose the name for this blog?

Well seeing as my first name is Katherine, my middle name is Anne and “Aurelia” is definitely not my last name, it might seem a little random. In a sense, I guess it is. It’s not a very well known fact, but my husband (Layton) is a writer. He has been working on a novel since before we started dating. In said novel “my character” is named Aurelia. She is heavily influenced by me and has many of my traits: stubborn, inquisitive and talks a lot. I have always loved the name ever since Layton first mentioned it to me, I felt connected to it in a way. So when it came to naming my blog it popped into my head and after I got his okay to “borrow” it, here we are!

I know this isn’t a super long or in depth post, but I wanted to give you all a little background on how this blog got it’s name. This coming weekend we will be back to our regularly scheduled beauty programming!

Until next time,



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