Saturday Snapshot

Here in Alberta we are in the midst of a long weekend (Yay!) as we have Family Day on Monday. Layton and I decided to get most of our running around done today so we can enjoy hanging out with friends and sleeping in the rest of this long weekend without feeling guilty. Layton had been away for the majority of the last week so we decided to go out for breakfast this morning and have some “chill” time together. As per usual we went to our favourite breakfast place here in St. Albert, drank copious amount of hot chocolate (and coffee) and ate an amazing breakfast.

While we were at breakfast we started discussing my desire to get a proper camera (so I can stop using my phone camera for everything). We did some googling, looked at our finances and decided to go look for one after breakfast. I basically ran out of the restaurant because I was so excited. We looked around for a while and decided I only needed a basic point and shoot type camera. After some help from a wonderful sales associate we ended up buying a Nikon Coolpix A900!

New camera!

From there we ended up heading to the drugstore to look for some men’s skincare for Layton (he finally agreed that it’s a good idea for him to look after his skin). After a bit of wandering around I picked a couple things for him to try. I wanted to slowly ease him into it and not overwhelm him with products. He is going to try these out for the next week and I will be posting a men’s skin care review on it next weekend (so keep an eye out!)

Mens Skin Care

Finally we ended off our weekend errands the way we always do, with a Starbucks run! We ended up rushing home because I couldn’t wait to play with my new camera (hence the picture of my Starbucks cup).

Sipping tea and trying out my new camera

We are spending the rest of our evening cooking dinner together and watching Star Wars.Β I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend thus far!

Until next time internet friends,



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