Mens Skincare – The Basics

I think it’s worth pointing out right away that skincare isn’t and shouldn’t be just for women! Your skin is the largest organ you have and should be looked after, regardless of your gender. That being said I’ve been trying to get Layton to use skincare (of any kind) for over a year. He has always been happy using a bar of soap to wash his face and calling it a day. However after a few months of me suggesting (okay, pestering) that he try something he finally let me buy him a couple things. I think a lot of men can be apprehensive because skincare has always been marketed as a “womanly” thing. However, more and more brands are coming out with male specific skincare, which can make some of the products a lot more approachable for the average guy.

In this post we will be going over the two products that Layton has been using (and loving) over the past week. I didn’t want to buy him to many products and overwhelm him, so we got two very basic and multipurpose products. In the coming year we will try to do a part 2 and go more in depth with other skincare products for men (if there is an interest). Both of the products Layton uses are from L’Oréal and can be purchased at almost any drugstore (or on Amazon). Now lets get into the products!

L’Oréal Men Expert – Hydra Energetic Eye Roller ($12.99)

Loreal Men Expert
Hydra Energetic Eye Roller

The Claims: This product is an anti-dark circle and anti-bags eye roller. The applicator is a small metal ball that offers a cooling effect and helps to de-puff your eyes. This product contains caffeine (the ingredient that soothes the skin and makes the eyes look less tired), Vitamin C and Pro-B5 (these help brighten/reduce the appearance of dark circles).

The Results: So far Layton has only used this for a week, but we both feel confident that it has made his dark circles less noticeable. He says that they also feel less puffy after using this product. So it delivered on both claims! Layton has said he will keep using it every day, and he finds it works best if you “hold it upside down and squeeze some product out before applying it”. As of right now he is using it in the morning after he shaves and at night before going to bed.


L’Oréal Men Expert – Hydra Energetic Moisturizing Gel ($15.99)

Moisturizing Gel

The Claims: A multiuse product that softens your beard while hydrating your face. This product is enriched with Vitamin E to help make short beards and stubble feel softer and more supple. It also has peppermint leaf extract to energize your skin, as well as being transparent, colourless and non sticky/greasy.

The Results: Layton loves this stuff! Since it is a gel it absorbs incredibly quickly and it doesn’t feel sticky/greasy or like it sits on top of the skin. He has been using it once a day on his whole face and down his neck as well. Since he has to shave everyday for work it is hard to say how it works on stubble/ a beard. However the days that he has had a “5 o’clock” shadow I think it has worked really well. I noticed that his stubble feels a lot less prickly and way softer. So I say it works! It has a scent to it, but it isn’t over powering at all.

Overall, Layton is super happy with the products (I think it helps that he has seen such quick results). He is going to keep using them and at this moment is confident he will repurchase both products. Layton said he would be open to trying new products but since he is familiar with how these products perform he likes the idea of sticking with these two (or at least this skincare line). I think it was good introducing Layton to skincare this way, it wasn’t super overwhelming for him because it’s only two products (a lot less than the five I use).  If any man in your life is interested in starting a skincare routine these are some great products to start with!


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