First Impressions: Violet Voss – Like a Boss Pro Pallet


Yesterday Layton and I went to the mall and my darling husband told me to go into Sephora and buy whatever I wanted. Only catch? I could only get one thing. I went in with the intention to get the new ABH Soft Glam pallet, but saw this pallet on a display at the front of the store. It caught my eye and after swatching a few of the shadows I completely forgot about everything else in the store and took this straight to the till. I think it was by far the quickest trip to Sephora I’ve ever taken.

The packaging on the pallet is beautiful, but also very simple. It is a thick cardboard pallet, but it feels very heavy and not cheap! It also has a good sized mirror in it, which is perfect for traveling. This pallet has a great mix of matte, shimmer and metallic shades. There is also a duo chrome shadow with a blue to brow shift. It is very easy to use this pallet to create a complete look thanks to the good mix of formulas, which is a huge plus in my books! It also features a good mix of warm and cool toned shadows, the two tops rows are very warm and the bottom two are on the cooler side.


After playing around with this pallet today I’m amazed I haven’t heard more about Violet Voss as a brand before. (I have heard very little about the brand until now). I’m so impressed with the quality of the shadows that I am definitely going to be purchasing more pallets from this brand in the future. Below I have included swatches of all of the colours in the pallet. There is only one down side to this pallet, the shade “Queen”, a bright red shimmer, looks beautiful but does not have great pigmentation (as you can see in the swatch below). I tried to apply it with my finger, there was hardly any payoff. So I wet my brush with a setting spray and it still took two layers of the shadow to get any visible sparkle. However, that is the only shadow that doesn’t have the best payoff, the rest are highly pigmented and incredibly blendable. Now, lets get into the swatches!

First Row:

First Row
L- Hustle, LC- Baddie, C- Queen, RC- Boos, R- Strong

Second Row:

Second Row
L- Fierce, LC- Serve, C- Realness, RC- Werk, R- Snatched

Third Row:

Third Row
L- WCW, LC – Amazeballs, C- Girl Crush, RC- Adulting, R- Motivate

Fourth Row:

Fourth Row
L- Swag, LC- Extra, C- Smart AF, RC- Royal, R- Inspo

Have you tried anything from Violet Voss? What eye shadow pallet are you most excited for this spring?

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8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Violet Voss – Like a Boss Pro Pallet

  1. I’m obsessed with this palette! Did you buy it from Sephora?? I know they sell Violet Voss online, but I haven’t seen it in-store yet. πŸ˜•

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      1. Gotcha! I had to order the Hashtag palette online because my nearest Sephora doesn’t have them. I might check a different one, I really want this one. πŸ˜‚

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