Tips for Staying Motivated

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend so far. (Sorry I have been MIA this week, life got the best of me). Today we are going to talk about motivation and how to stay motivated. Over the last week or so I have been finding it really hard to write regularly on my blog. It’s so easy to write on the weekend when I don’t have much going on, but I find it very hard to push the “Publish” button during the week. I’ve been working hard on keeping myself motivated and moving forward, so I thought I’d share my tips and tricks with you all. Whether you’re working on your side hustle, studying for a big test, or trying to stay focused at work these tips will apply to you. So lets get to the real reason you’re here, how I keep myself motivated:

1. Make a schedule and stick to it!

Make sure you schedule your time. By doing this it will be so much easier to stay on top on your “to-do list”. Go and buy yourself a cute day planner (or print off a free template, there are lots on Pinterest), and every weekend write down what you want to accomplish that week and when you want to have it done by. Writing it down can help you keep yourself accountable.

2. Be organized and honest with yourself

This goes hand in hand with #1. When you are making your schedule for the week it is important to lay it out in an organized way. If you’re a fellow blogger try organizing your Blog and Instagram posts ahead of time, using an app like Preview can be a huge help for this. The app lets you prewrite your captions and hashtags, so when the time comes you can just hit “post” and be on your way! When I say be honest with yourself I mean be honest about how much time you’ll really need for each task. Instead of overloading yourself with tasks each day, give yourself one or two things to do a day. That way you won’t fail to meet your goals on time and feel discouraged.

3. Treat it like a full time job

Whether you’re studying, or trying to write a new blog post treat it like a job. Doing this will help keep you on track and from getting distracted. So if you wouldn’t be scrolling through Instagram or Facebook at work, don’t do it well your studying/writing! Personally this strategy works wonders. I find that when I start to notice that I am getting distracted and not focusing I pretend I’m at work. Which leads into my next tip.

4. Work like your boss is in the room

Maybe this is just me, but I’ve noticed that I always work harder when my boss is in the room (not to say that I slack off when he isn’t there). I’ve noticed that its a lot easier to focus on the task in front of me when I pretend my boss is at the office (even if he isn’t). Not too sure what kind of psychological trick this is but it seems to work well! If you’re a student this tip can still apply to you, just study/work like your teacher or professor is standing near you. Finally, if you are unemployed and don’t have a boss or teacher use your imagination! This imaginary person can be whoever motivates you: mentor, spouse, business partner, children and so on.

5. Make a “Hustle” playlist of songs that motivate you

This may not seem like much but the right playlist can make all the difference! So grab your headphones and start making a playlist of songs that make you feel like a CEO/ professional writer/ smartest person in the room and blast them well you work towards your goals.

What are some of your tips for staying motivated? Share them in the comments below! 😊



24 thoughts on “Tips for Staying Motivated

  1. Love the tips – they all work for me. My playlist is usually classic rock. Seems to keep me on a roll (pun intended!). Another good idea is to work when you are the most productive – for example, I’m at my best and most focused in the mornings. In the afternoons, I’m ready for a nap. It’s then that I take a break and schedule work that doesn’t require me to be at my best.

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  2. #2 “Be organized and be honest with yourself” is the game changer! Carry a notebook for ideas on posts, no matter how irrelevant they may seem at the time. And change direction by being honest – sometimes it nice to just go for a run when the words aren’t arriving!

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  3. These are Great tip!! I especially like the ” work like the boss is in the room” && the “be honest with yourself” tips. So often its easy to get distracted by a million tabs and get off track — but never when the “boss” is around lol
    && it’s so hard to be honest with what you can actually accomplish vs what you would like to accomplish.
    Definitely things to remember πŸ™‚

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  4. I love the hustle music playlist idea!

    My husband listens to epic movie sound tracks for this kind of thing – I can tell he’s working hard when I hear Hans Zimmer!!

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  5. This is a such a great blogpost with some really amazing tips! I love the tip of acting like you are at your workplace. I do that sometimes as well and it really helps so much as I force myself to stay focused as I would if I was at work! Great post! xx

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  6. Sometimes it’s so tough to stay motivated and this post really helped especially the fact that we should make a schedule and stick to it ❀ Thankyoh for an amazing post Kat❀

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